Monday, March 25, 2013

The Best Sex You Can Ever Have

Now that I have your attention, I want to let you know about a problem with advertising on television concerning prescription pharmaceuticals - medicines you can only get with a prescription from your doctor. To be succinct, I believe prescription drugs should not be able to be advertised on television; no way, no how, never.

Over the counter drug commercials should be legal. If you believe all you need do is sprinkle magic weight loss condiments over your food for three weeks then weigh yourself and you’ll lose 107 pounds, go for it. If guys want to believe their favorite trombone will get bigger if they swallow some pills like the beans Jack bought for his beanstalk, they should. These commercials usually don’t fool anyone with a larger IQ than their waist.

The drugs that should not be on television commercials are the ones that spend half the commercials telling you - in a lower voice and three times the speed - what the side effects are. You know the ones. They say if you suddenly become unconscious, get help immediately.

We don’t need advertisers telling us which drugs we need. Do you have occasional indigestion, high blood pressure or low T? Tell your doctor about your problem and tell him you need Wegotcha. Stop taking this medicine and go to your local emergency room if your teeth itch or if your tongue falls asleep or if your eyebrows fall out.

Here is something few people know about. Your body heals itself!

That’s right. Most of us have something called an immune system. Believe it or not, there are germs everywhere! You’ve come in contact with at least 243 germs just today. These germs give you tummy aches and headaches and some other maladies that bother you for only a few hours. Your immune system is nature’s gift to fend off these germs. You rest then the problem goes away. Sometimes the immune system doesn’t even allow these nasty germs to affect you at all. The human body! A truly amazing creation!!

When your body is trying to tell you to see a doctor, it will give you something which won’t go away quickly and be more painful than a hang nail. Then you see a doctor, tell them your symptoms and ask what to do. If you need a prescription of Wegotcha, they’ll write it for you before you leave the office.

After a certain age, just drop by your doctor’s office about once a year for this thing called a “Physical". You should do this sometime around middle age. At the physical, tell the doc about any nagging aches and pains you have. The doctor will look at your chart, quickly calculate your age, then probably tell you that aging means you can’t dance all night like you did a couple of decades ago. Then the doc should let you know how you’re doing and what you should consider doing to stay healthy. Then you can leave his office, stop by Mickey D’s and wait for another year until you have to ignore more advice from a doctor.

Television commercials for prescription medicine should be illegal. Drug companies should be spending money on research and development, not advertising. The drug industry was created to benefit people's health, not the pockets of their investors. Non-prescription products can be used to line the pockets of investors. Drugs are needed for health.

It’s offensive for me to think it’s more profitable for some people to die than to give them medicine, so we allow those people to die. Is that what has become of the “Greatest Country on Earth”? Shame on television for allowing profits to dictate advertising. Shame on us and the U.S. for not do something about prescription drug advertisements; or automatic weapons; or nuclear proliferation. But those are blogs for another day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

And Another Thought

I’ve been listening to my Republican brethren for the last week, since Paul Ryan was put on the national ticket as Vice-President. It’s got me so mad at the current administration that I think I’m losing weight, losing hair and losing my way. You won’t believe what I’m hearing.

Do you know that President Obama cut over 700 million dollars from the Medicare budget? Worse yet, do you know what he did with the money? It seems that the administration cut Medicare to give the money to Obamacare. Can you believe that? They moved money that was dedicated to helping people pay medical bills and redirected it to the healthcare system. What is the President thinking of and what kind of man is he?

This administration just doesn’t understand how to direct government funds for the benefit of Americans. Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the budget guru, knows what America and Americans need. He knows that redirecting funds that were aimed at Medicare to some healthcare initiative is just preposterous. We need to redirect those funds to the job creators. We need to give tax breaks to folks earning a quarter of million dollars a year and more because they know what to do with the money. They know, like candidate Romney knows, that funding Swiss bank accounts and investing in other off shore accounts does not come cheap.

Do you know there are record amounts of cash on the balance sheets of American corporations? These corporations are holding all that cash while Average Joe Citizen (AJC) wants them to spend the money hiring people to do more work, with some obscure notion to make the corporations even more profitable. AJC doesn’t understand why the corporations won’t do that. Let me explain.

These corporations can’t spend all that money until they understand where it will be legal to hide it. They don’t want to break our laws. That’s why the tax system needs to be clarified. Once the administration makes it apparent how much taxes and what their commitment will be, the corporations will know how they can hide their money legally. Then they can take those record sums of money off the balance sheets, putting it to work making more money. If AJC understood economics, he would understand that.

Some of you, along with AJC, may not understand how the national economy works either. Let me try to use my BA in Economics to illuminate the subject. If we take the 150 million people in this country at the bottom half of the economic ladder, then charge them more in taxes, that won’t change their economic situation. They were poor before they were charged more taxes and they will be poor after they are charged more taxes. There will be no change.

Now consider the three million plus millionaires in the United States. If we hit them with new taxes, big taxes, then we affect the delicate economic balance of the economy. The nation would take the chance of adding more people to the already growing number of poor in this country. If we decrease the number of rich people by making some of them poor, we will change the demographics. There will be more poor in the bottom half than when we started. That’s why we can’t tax the millionaires more.

Let me give you a more concrete example. In all the years…well…in the two years of tax returns released by Candidate Romney, there is roughly 20 million dollars in income in each year. The taxes paid were about 14% which is about 2.8 million dollars. That leaves the Romney family just over 17 million dollars of income for their lifestyle expenses. Then Mitt Willard claimed he gave 10% of the income to charities, which was another 2 million dollars. That leaves them just over 15 million dollars for the family’s discretionary spending that year. Also realize that Candidate Romney has five children and 18 grandchildren whom I assume he supports with all that cash.

Now if we raise the taxes on the Romney family to 30%, that means they will have to pay six million dollars in taxes. Add that to the 2 million dollars they give to charity, that’s an eight million dollar bite out of their annual income. It will take Granpa Mitt another 52 weeks to make that much money again and it would only leave them a mere 12 million dollars to take care of themselves for that whole year. That’s only about $200,000 per week after taxes and charitable contributions.

However, when they only pay 14% in taxes, they make almost $300,000 per week. That gives them about $100,000 more per week to fund those 23 off spring, not to mention their Swiss bank account, their 100 million dollar IRA and whatever accounts they have in the Bahamas.

Realize also that the Romneys earned all that money. They had to fire a lot of people to accumulate that kind of wealth. We can’t expect the government to make the tax rate more level now; to what end? The Romney family shouldn’t be forced to pay the same percentage of taxes that the poor pay simply to make it fair.

That’s not the America I grew up in. The America I grew up in didn’t treat men and women the same. The America I grew up in didn’t treat the races the same. The America I grew up in didn’t level the playing field for some fairness fantasy. Now all of a sudden we want to be fair?

Fairness takes time. Fairness needs to be studied. We need to understand if there are other unintended consequences of fairness, such as fairness being unfair. If this country is going to go all crazy trying to be fair, then the fairness needs to be fair. And from my experience, the American standard of fairness isn’t intended to be fair at all. Why should it be? That wouldn’t be fair!

Wait a minute. Yes it would.